By Kevin Glancy

 ‘I’m supposed to be dead yet, despite the government’s best efforts, I’m still alive and well.’

The prognosis was grim. A heavy smoker for fifty plus years, my lung capacity had been reduced to 41%. The way they explained it, was that the lung is like a sponge and most of mine was useless, drenched in thick black tar. There was no coming back. Over half of my lung was, to all intents and purposes dead and more of it would soon die.

The prognosis? Seven to ten years. By then I would be at best, dragging an oxygen tank around or I too, much like my lungs, would be dead. That was in 2008 – ten years ago.

Did I quit? No. Was I stupid? Yes. Sure! I tried everything. Patches, gum, you name it but still I couldn’t quit. Why?

The ‘why I couldn’t quit’ is important. It goes beyond the addiction and it’s a battle every smoker faces when attempting to quit. You will always find a lifestyle reason why not to quit and it’s the one thing that governments underestimate. They will give a heroin addict methadone as a replacement for heroin but they won’t allow a smoker nicotine to replace the poisons in chemically reinforced tobacco. Both drugs are just as addictive. They do allow nicotine in patches and gum but they are passive responses and while they might work for some, they do not provide a physical alternative to holding a cigarette.

So what was my lifestyle reason and why was holding a cigarette important? In my case…

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By Kevin Glancy

Unlike the taxpayer funded domestic violence industry, objective people know that violence is not gender specific; that it does not discriminate; that a woman is more likely to be a victim of domestic violence than a man; that when proven, those guilty of such violence should be severely penalised. But that does not mean that the presumption of innocence on which our legal system is based should be tossed aside because of someone’s gender. But sadly, in matters of domestic violence it often is.

Imagine if you woke up to this news item;

Every day innocent mothers across Australia are being accused of domestic violence and presumed guilty without a trial. Even murderers, rapists and terrorists get a trial but these mothers because of their gender are considered unworthy of the presumption of innocence. At the moment an allegation is made and the DVO/AVO is granted, they are instantly sentenced, denied access to their children.

Okay! It’s fake news, well not quite. The only thing that isn’t true is the gender referred to in the item. It’s not mothers who are being denied the presumption of innocence but fathers. Substitute the word ‘fathers’ for ‘mothers’ and that news item is exactly what is happening every day in Australia to innocent males – victims of vexatious and fabricated domestic violence orders….

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Climate Scientist Judith Curry,

“There’s a lot of natural forces in play here that determine the climate and thinking that we can really control the climate by dialling down the CO2 emissions is really misguided hubris.”

Courtesy of https://judithcurry.com/about/ and the Bolt Report.


By Kevin Glancy

In the year 2000 I interviewed Dr Amy McGrath for an article I was writing for The Issue magazine. The good doctor had spent many years investigating electoral fraud. In the article I highlighted multiple examples of electoral fraud uncovered by Dr McGrath and perpetrated in both federal and state elections. At the time I was an advocate for the adoption of voter ID and still believe that it should be urgently introduced.

When seats can be won by a handful of votes, it’s critical that we reduce the possibility of multiple voting. People voting more than once has been and still is a factor in the outcome of Australian elections.  More than likely, we will soon have online voting and I dread to think how it will be abused.

Further; when an election is called there is a sudden rush of new enrollments. It can be 150,000 or more and logistically it’s impossible for the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) to check the validity of those new enrollments before polling day, let alone check those already enrolled since the last election. In the 1993 federal election 500,000 new enrolments were registered on the eve of that election.

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By Kevin Glancy

It could have been a tome based on those Hollywood days when film stars were mysterious and had private lives but it isn’t and that’s a shame. There was a lot going on behind the scenes back in those romantic fifties and sixties. It was a time when few of us knew that Rock Hudson was gay or that Marilyn Monroe was jigging with JFK, the President of the USA.

For those who can remember, there’s much to be said about those matinee days when the magic of the big screen beckoned. When the cost of a movie ticket gave us the chance to escape for ninety minutes or so from our ordinary lives. Beyond a prurient curiosity, we knew little of a film star’s private life and…



By Kevin Glancy – November 2018

Long before the late nineteen seventies Australia had become a growing and vibrant country. Its population and success was mainly built on the backs of impoverished European immigrants. On arrival they were referred to as new Australians by the existing population and generally had to incur a rite of passage before gaining acceptance. They were often called names like ‘wogs’ and poms’ etc and worse.

I can remember a front page headline in the fifties, dominating Adelaide’s main broad sheet newspaper, the Advertiser. It was big and black. ‘Whinging Poms Go Home’ it demanded and it was typical of the times. Although insensitive, unkind and sometimes cruel, the unwelcoming environment cluttered with name-calling served a purpose. I know, because I was on the receiving end.

Like many of our kind who arrived in 1956, we lived in one half of a corrugated nissen hut on a migrant hostel for five and half years. But we ‘no’ complain. Having waited seven years and undergone many prodding, medical examinations along the way, we were extremely grateful for the chance to build…….

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By Kevin Glancy – November 2018

Political parties are products like any other and as any advertising professional knows; in order to appeal to the masses, a product must establish a point of difference over its competitors.

Currently, if the Liberal party product was a soup it would be tasteless. It’s a product that tries to please everyone all of the time when in fact, it fails to please hardly any of us most of the time.

It’s ingredients are a confusing mix of left-wing surrenders, enhanced by a smattering of left of centre titbits and topped off with an unhealthy UN relish. Oh! You might pick up the odd sniff of conservative values now and again, much like a sprinkling of useless parsley struggling to float on the top.

However, when it’s served up it’s hardly the taste sensation it should be and if you’re a conservative looking for some bite, you won’t find…

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By Kevin Glancy – November 2018

As the Liberal party continues to stand for nothing, there are other tastier conservative choices and regardless of the vagaries of our biased, two-party preferred election system, if you’re a conservative you should try them. If Labor wins the next federal election as it appears it will, it’s only in the Senate where their lunacy can be held at bay or at least restricted.

I’m sure many are frustrated by the Senate’s obstructive ways and the lack of justification as to why many Senators actually hold Senate positions. Tasmania has 12 Senators in the 76 available and it certainly does not warrant that many. The paltry number of votes that give most Senators that power is undoubtedly an abuse of democracy. But these are desperate times and our only hope is in the Senate. It’s the only way in through a manipulated two-party preferred voting system. But it will only succeed if a clutch of genuine conservatives hold the balance of power in the Senate after the next federal election.

The Liberal party has already shown that they are not prepared to fight for Australian conservative values and do not deserve much consideration. The argument that by punishing the Liberals at polling booths you let Labor in carries weight but voting for the marginally better of two evils will not stop the rot. The Liberals have had long enough to establish their conservative credentials and they have failed miserably.

To avoid Labor, the best strategy for a conservative is to ensure that even if they vote Liberal in the lower house that they use their white ballot paper vote to ensure that genuine minor conservative parties gain control of the Senate.  I would favour the Australian Conservatives, they are the sensible option.

The Australian Conservatives deserve our conservative support

There’s no mistaking Senator Cory Bernardi’s genuine conservative…

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It is with sadness that I report the passing of legendary, former independent politician Ted Mack. I was fortunate to interview Ted at his home in North Sydney in 1999. As a tribute I have featured the resulting article published all those years ago entitled; The Truly Honourable Mr Mack.   Click here to read more

RIP Ted Mack you will be missed.


By Kevin Glancy – November 2nd, 2018

To the intolerant left and the perpetually outraged; to the purveyors of identity politics and gender quotas; to the socialist engineers and virtue signalling corporations; to the precious LGBT activists, the Labor Party and the Greens. I say unto you;


If you don’t allow anyone or everyone to be in your life and to be your friend, you are a fully paid up hypocrite because this is what you want everyone else to do.

You’re probably a racist too because I’m sure that many of the people you choose not to mix with are a different colour than you. You can probably be called a homophobe as well because there’s bound to be a few gay or transgender people in the group of people you would rather not have within your inner circle.

I understand that you see straight white males as a different breed entirely and in your world you believe that they’re not worth the time of day so I wouldn’t force you to be friends with them. I’ll let you off on that one and won’t call you a misandrist or sexist. Although the way you indulge in name calling I should, given the hateful examples you constantly provide.

Now I appreciate that no one would welcome everyone into their lives, not for a second because in order to maintain and control the quality of our lives we need to choose our friends wisely. Common sense really. Been that way since humans first occupied the planet.

We usually make that natural choice based on a person’s character and wouldn’t want to be forced into mixing with someone simply because of their colour or gender. Who knows what their character is like? They could be bank robbers, murderers, rapists or thieves. They could be selfish, dishonest, greedy or downright fools. Hey! They could be conservatives or people who have a completely different view of how things should be in your world.

It’s no different for business folk either. They’ve risked their own financial welfare to create a business. That’s their way of life. Therefore they have a responsibility to themselves, their families and to their current employees to safeguard that business life and to choose who they employ wisely.

So why should businesses be forced into doing what you divisive folk wouldn’t do in a hundred years? To be forced into ignoring people of good character and merit for the sake of quotas. To be forced into employing people on the basis of gender or race, whether they like them or not.

You want to place the security of their business lives at risk when it’s something you wouldn’t do to the security of your own life. You allow people into your life based on your own perceptions of their merit, why should the man or woman who runs a business ignore that same guiding principle?

You want religions to put aside their beliefs and open their doors to those who would weaken their way of life. Yet, you tend to mix with people whose ideology is similar to yours and you wouldn’t want to let in trouble makers now would you?

Oh! And as for all the refugees in Nauru that you’re always on about, why not invite them to stay at your place? Don’t discriminate. Take in whoever they send or base your selection on quotas. You obviously don’t care about character or merit. You can be sure that there’ll be a few different types in that lot to spice up your life.

Or perhaps you might want to grow up. Look in the mirror and stop dividing Australia. Above all!  Do not demand of others what you would not do yourselves!


By Kevin Glancy – November 2018

To understand the significance of that July day and its critical effect on Australian democracy, it requires an understanding of how the political parties, as supposed guardians of our democracy, behaved and operated before and after that day.

For overseas visitors to The Issue, the political landscape in Australia is dominated by two major parties. On the left you have Labor and on the centre right there’s Liberal. The latter supposedly represents conservative voters but for many years there’s been little difference between the two parties as they both continue to veer towards the left.

Both Labor and Liberal are seemingly intent on taking Australia in a UN led, socialist direction. Yet, no Australian politician has ever gone to the electorate seeking its vote of approval to sign any UN treaty or agreement, including the Paris Agreement on climate change. Seems there’s no place for democracy when the United Nations and our leaders are involved.

This is despite the fact that Australian citizens…..

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By Kevin Glancy – 16th October 2018

The farce that took place in the Australian Senate yesterday summed up the reasons why no one should ever vote for either Labor, Liberal or the Greens or for any other Senator who agreed with their refusal to confirm that it’s okay to be white. I also include anyone of colour because you never know, you might be next.

When universities won’t allow studies in western civilisation because it’s deemed racist and schools are teaching our children to be ashamed of our white history, you know we have a problem. These days, being white is something to be ashamed of and a tool that’s used constantly to condemn those who are white including the annual call; that we should be ashamed of Australia Day and so on. Most of the time those doing the shaming are ……..

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By Kevin Glancy – October 2018

In his landmark speech presented at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC in 1963, the late, Martin Luther King Jr pleaded with America. ‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.’

At the time he was fighting for freedom and equality on behalf of his fellow black Americans and those conscious of their struggle, particularly liberal minded US Democrats, applauded his words. As a conservative in Australia, I certainly did but how times have changed. Changed by the very people on the left side of the political fence who supported those words and who have clearly forgotten their meaning and intent.

His dream has become a nightmare in this era of identity politics where people are no longer assessed by their character or on merit. Instead they are to be judged, promoted, praised, defended or condemned based on their colour, gender, country of origin or even, their political leaning.

With the dominant left leaning media if you’re a conservative with a public profile you can expect derision and assorted labels such as homophobe, redneck, deplorable, sexist, misogynist, extremist, hard-right, alt-right and even marked as some kind of Nazi.

Facts are disregarded and for the most part, journalistic integrity is non-existent. It’s a murky, narrow minded western world in which double standards, hypocrisy, quotas, affirmative action and virtue signalling reign supreme. History will look back at a time when the world lost its way. Dragged by those on the left with little real resistance into socialism and ultimate despair as we’ve seen so many times before on the eastern side of the planet.

Those who demanded tolerance have now become the intolerant. Alternative opinions silenced or crushed by name calling and bullying at the hands of the twittering socialist class. Then there’s the right to present a different view denied by the Human Rights Commission. Here is a group, funded…

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By Kevin Glancy

In this time of drought that sees Australian farmers struggling for survival, it’s a reminder of the collective failure of our federal and state politicians since federation to provide practical, long term drought proofing solutions. They are available.

A plan I reported on seventeen years ago and was presented to the then National Water Commission and ignored is featured below. Designed by a highly experienced engineer and powered by solar energy, the intent was to reduce salinity and reduce the impact of  droughts and flood. It incorporated rainwater harvesting/collector hubs, pipeline grids and its cost was to be subsidised by its own horticultural and salt export projects. These would provide employment and were projected to earn conservatively, around $600 million per year.  The initial pilot programme was to construct a water grid 100 square kilometres in size and situated on degraded and ‘infertile’ land. The initial cost to taxpayers would have been $200 million with the rest provide by private investment. That was back then in 2001 and think of the money we’ve spent and wasted since then.

Yet, regardless of the merits of that plan and I’m sure there are many others, what astounds me is this; when you arrive on an island the first thing a sane person does is to secure the water supply. Well over two hundred years on and we are still floundering.

We have more than enough water to go around but it’s simply not being harvested or delivered to the right places. It’s claimed that in northern Queensland alone, 48% of the rain that falls ends up in the sea and..

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By Kevin Glancy  – October 2018

The recent defensive uproar and cries of racism and sexism on behalf of Serena Williams, with regard to Mark Knight’s accurate and humorous characterisation of the tennis player in his cartoon, is a classic example of identity politics at work. You can add to that blatant double standards and hypocrisy.

Serena has form. Once threatening to shove a tennis ball down a line’s woman’s throat amongst other episodes of abhorrent behaviour. Her own claims of sexism completely ignored the facts. Over the last twenty years in Grand Slam tournaments, code violations and the like have been handed out to male tennis players at a rate, four times more than those handed out to female tennis players. So where is the bias? If anything it’s against males.

Knight’s cartoon highlighted an aspect of Serena’s character. Her behaviour at the US Open was disgraceful. By their very nature, caricatures are usually an exaggeration of one’s appearance. As for colour? What would have been the point of illustrating a white version of Serena. Forget humour, how about accuracy? Did Serena call the umpire a liar and a cheat? Did she threaten that his career would be destroyed? Did she smash her racquet? Did her coach use hand signals?  Did she completely spoil the victory celebration for Naomi Osaka, who outplayed her on the day? So, is this where we are now? Serena, one of the wealthiest sporting personalities in the world is beyond criticism, just because of her skin colour?

The reaction to Knight’s cartoon by many on the left side of the political spectrum highlights their hypocrisy. One law for them but…

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By Kevin Glancy  – October 2018

Then there’s the obscenity of the Democrats and their supporters in the US with their slanderous, self-interested and vile promotion of Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations about Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. It’s yet another classic example of identity politics. Ford is a woman, so can do no wrong and must be believed. She’s a registered Democrat and as any intelligent person knows; anything related to Donald Trump is fair game for that mob, whether real or imaginary.

On that basis alone her claims and their timing must be held under suspicion. After all they relate to something that allegedly happened in the early or mid-1980’s, depending on which account Ford has proffered on different occasions. She doesn’t seem sure about when or where, exactly.

Kavanaugh has been in the public eye for many years and Ford could have chosen to take him down and to ruin his life, long before now. Surely, an intelligent woman who claims her life was destroyed on that distant day would have done something about it either at the time, by reporting the alleged ‘assault’ to the police or in the decades since. Certainly, you would expect an educated, American professor of psychology, who more than likely provides life-improving advice to her clients would seek help to improve her own life if her allegations were true. Bear in mind; by her own wavering testimony it’s difficult to determine whether her allegation is true or not.

As for Brett Kavanaugh? Even if he was partial to the drink in his teenage days and…

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By Kevin Glancy

One should never underestimate Professor David E. Flint AM, particularly when he is on a mission. Quietly spoken, articulate and highly intelligent, David’s passion for the challenge ahead lies just under the surface but there’s no mistaking its presence.

As our conversation turns towards the task at hand it begins to burn bright as he reminisces about a group of people who gathered in Corowa, a small town perched on the southern edge of New South Wales on July 31st 1893.

When David Flint talks, you listen. You can’t help it. His knowledge of Australian history is fascinating, extensive and detailed, but he doesn’t waste words and this was no idle journey back into the past. He was simply making the connection between where we were then and where we are now and he had my attention. After all, this is where it all began.

In 1893, the people had assembled for the conference in the Corowa Court House, brought there by grand ambition to plot a democratic course for Australia.  It’s difficult to know how confident they were on that July morning so long ago but in six short years, thanks to their efforts, Corowa would become indelibly marked in Australian history, to be regarded forever as the birthplace of Federation.

It should not be forgotten that in effect, their humble conference had been Australia’s first real demonstration of people power ……..

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